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"I can truly say that Erika Parla has changed my life. With her incisive analysis on my body type and needs, she developed a program for me that within 6 months has enabled me to melt away the saddle bags. Today exercise is not something I have to find time for, it is as integral to my daily routine as is brushing my teeth and washing my face. It's one thing to change a dress size, it's a whole other thing to change your way of being in the world." 

Thea S.

"Erika is a great trainer for middle age people like me who want to stay fit and able to do all of life’s chores without fear of losing mobility or ability. She has changed my attitude towards aging and its challenges!"

"Erika Parla truly puts the "personal" into her training. Whether you want to lose weight, strengthen or tone, Erika gives you take-home strategies to achieve your results and you'll leave each session feeling better about yourself." 


Pam P.

“I’m a woman in my early 60s and I’ve been training with Erika for 8 years to combat mobility issues from a health condition. Her training has freed me from my walking aids and made me stronger.”

Melanie J.


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